Rain, rain and more rain 

The River Crouch from Noak Bridge to Runwell, including Wickford

Flood Warning 11:00 on 01-Jan-2003
Flood Watch 05:07 on 31-Dec-2002
 Flood Warning 03:04 on 31-Dec-2002
 Severe Flood Warning 18:18 on 30-Dec-2002

Click on  the hot spots for views of the river at 11:30 on the 1/01/03


Flood Warning Codes

The flood warning system consists of the following codes, with the following meanings:

Flood Watch - Flooding possible. Be aware! Be prepared! Watch out!
Flood Warning - Flooding expected affecting homes, businesses and main roads. Act now!
Severe Flood Warning - Severe flooding expected. Imminent danger to life and property. Act now!
All Clear - An all clear will be issued when flood watches or warnings are no longer in force.

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